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An extremely rare jardinere/oval bowl by Aluminia.
2. assortment.
Decorationsnumber 2023/799.

The form number is known only with two decorations of which this is the most colorful, it is extremely powerful in its colors and is decorated both inside and out and is therefore an ornament to have standing with or without flowers.

Time have put its wear to this huge beautiful jardinere. It has a little cracking and a glaze scrape on one "wing" - see picture. At the bottom it has got two chips, but these can not be seen while standing.

This is truly a magnificent piece from Aluminia side, not only in size but certainly also in form and decoration and shows with all clarity that the full artistic force behind the factory's second golden age in 1910-1930.

Length 47 cm.
Width 24 cm.
Height 14 cm.

Item number: A1506

Price: 3,800.- DKK

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