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DK-2000 Frederiksberg.
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Berlinoir glass produced eg. Holmegaard from approx. 1850 to 1930.

Red wine/Porter glass. 350-550 DKK a piece.
Height 15-16.5 cm.
Diameter 8-9 cm.

White wine. 250-350 DKK a piece.
Height 12-14 cm.
Diameter 6-7 cm.

Liqueur. 200-250 DKK a piece.
Height 11.5-12.5 cm.
Diameter 5.5-6.5 cm.

Port wine. 150-200 DKK a piece.
Height 10-11 cm.
Diameter 5 cm.

Schnapps. 100-150 DKK a piece.
Height 7.5-8.5 cm.
Diameter 3.5-4 cm.

All Berlinoir glass are mouthblown and are therefore a bit different - please contact os if you are looking for glasses with speciel measurements.

Please contact us for stock.

Item number: A1566

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